Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Spring greetings everyone!

It is not officially spring...yet....but it is looking like it today as it's a pleasant 50 degree Sunny day here in Frederick, MD and hopefully, where you are as well.  

As many of you probably already know, the celebration of spring is being kicked off by Operation Write Home this Saturday, March 5th, with the Spring Bunny Hop on their Stars and Stamps blog,  and I'm sure all the cardmakers are geared up and ready for this marathon of inspiration.  I look forward to checking out as many of the blogposts as I can, but am not actually participating myself.  However, thought I'd better put out the welcome mat anyway in case some of my blog comments entice one of you to visit me here too.  And here's  my greeting card of welcome to you in honor of spring's lillies and approaching Easter season.  The photo doesn't really show up the green base or the gold embossed cardstock.

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I had planned to attend a pastel painting studio at our local arts center, which I have been doing the past few weeks.  It's been great to get me motivated as I've been hibernating too much all winter and needed this inspiration to paint again.  So, thought I'd share a couple of the pieces that I created.

This is done from a photo of a fall scene with a chapel tower, and I liked the layout design so tried my best with it.  I haven't titled it as yet, or framed it, but plan to do that soon.
Another one I completed was also taken from a photo at Loch Lynn, Scotland, and the foreboding stormy sky inspired me to want to paint it.

I completed another woodland scene and am still working on a floral, but will share those with you at another time.   I was pleased that I was able to get these done in the past few weeks, and now with spring coming,  hope to keep this going. 

Thank you again for stopping by to visit me,  especially if you got here during the OWH Spring Bunny Hop, and hope you'll continue checking out the creativity there.  And in that spirit, here's a card using Sandy's great little
digi bunny.
Bye bye now!