Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If you've been looking for the next edition here, I'm finally getting around to it, and appreciate that you are visiting here again.

As I mentioned before, I've been busy during the day trying to get some paintings done to submit in upcoming shows, and evenings I try to get a few cards made for Operation Write Home.  But it's slow going as this has been a record hot summer in these parts, and seems to make me drag my feet, if you know what I mean.  However, I do want to share with you some good news.  I recently exhibited two paintings with our local art association in the Mary Condon Hodgson Gallery at the community college here, and learned that one of them SOLD! Here's a glimpse of it for you to see.   

Along the Riverbed, a 9x12 pastel.
This scene was painted from a reference photo given to me to use by my artist friend, Gail S., after her trip to Acadia National Park last fall.  The colors were so spectacular and were the only inspiration I needed.
Now if anyone is wondering just what is pastel, I'd like to explain that contrary to what many think, it is
NOT CHALK.  Pastels are a pure pigment hand shaped into sticks, from hard to soft,  for direct application to Canson paper, Wallis or hardboard sanded support that helps to hold many pastel  layers.  Pastels originated many years ago among the master painters and their works have endured over the years as well as any oil painting.  It is a very fragile medium  which  must be framed under glass when completed,  without any fixative as it tends to darken the colors.  It lost its popularity with the advent of newer mediums, but the past few years has found a resurgence among artists.   It is my preferred medium these days.
You can learn more about pastels from a blog by the  renowned pastelist,   Richard McKinley as well as in The Pastel Journal .
Below is the other painting I entered which wasn't sold but I'll show you my abstract side anyway.

Untitled, a 6x6 acrylic abstract. 
This was a fun painting that I did a year or so ago after taking a class with C.Edward Ramsburg, a genius in handling the paint and a great instructor.  I've had several of his sessions now, trying to get myself into this mode of painting to loosen up my realistic painting style. 

As easy as it may seem, it truly is not, and I know that many folks don't like abstracts because some of them are difficult to like or understand.   I had to call this "Untitled" because I'm not sure myself what I see in it other than the colorful shapes that appeared.  Maybe someone here can help me out by telling me what you see or think of it. 
Which brings to mind something I read by Dennis Dulton, a New Zealand philsopher, in his book "The Art Instinct" where he states:  "The most exquisite stuff is what we can't explain,  that's why we call it art."  Not that mine is exquisite, it's just different and unexplainable!  I've done many more since this one which I may share with you at another time.

Again, thank you for visiting and continuing to check on my progress here.



Sandy said...

So glad to see you posting some of your paintings Mom...I especially love the first one. Beautiful trees!!

Yolanda said...

These are both gorgeous! I think the abstract is an orchid in the sun. The landscape is so beautiful.

Jean in PA said...

Your paintings are beautiful, Delores!

Paula said...

Your work is lovely Delores! I have been to Acadia in the fall and you have captured it perfectly! Pastels are one medium I have never tried, I think I've tried most everything else at one point or another over the years (though my true love is watercolor) and perhaps if some day I get back to painting seriously I shall give pastels a try. I can totally relate to the quest for loosening up and I don't think I have ever met and artist who didn't. LOL Congratulations on your sale and continued success in the show(s).

Marianne said...

To me the untitled looks like a butterfly to me. Wonderful art - thank you for sharing.

Our Little Inspirations said...

Your painting has taken my breath away!! Oh My Goodness, I can't tell you how much I love those colorful trees! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and this just sings to me! I can't help but wish I'd been the buyer because I can visualize this hanging in my home! You really are a gifted painter, and I'm so glad you shared this beautiful painting with us!

grandmalee said...

I'm so happy to see these wonderful paintings! Congrats on the sale of this beautiful work of art. Gorgeous colors that really remind me of my days back east. Sure, we have the beauty of the aspens turning gold in the fall, but nothing beats the beautiful colors and smells of the Maples, Elms, Ash and so many more! You have captured the details with such beautiful expression! I can almost feel the breeze looking at this beauty!

I haven't done much in the abstract line except for some paper crafting, but I can feel the flow of your work thanks to your colors. It must have been a happy period for you with all of the wonderful shades of colors that you have chosen for this painting. I see this as an extension of yourself in a free flight of your thoughts and surroundings.

I had friends in Ohio who worked in pastels, but this is another area I have avoided. I'm so limited in space that I really have to limit trying new genres. The nice thing about being versed in so many different medias is that you don't tire easily of one media, and you can really express yourself with whatever your heart desires. You must be so relaxed when you are creating your art. It must be so wonderful to be able to take classes from such wonderful instructors! I love the avenues that the internet has opened for people that aren't able to attend classes in person. I can't wait to see more of your work!

I guess my "paintings" are limited to my Stampscapes scenes now, but my heart is in it just the same. The joy I feel when I finish a scene is very close to what I experienced years ago in other types of medias. You are so lucky to have a studio where you can spend some serious time doing what you must obviously love doing!

Dawn said...

love these paintings and your cards are so fun and fab...Happy crafting..