Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Winner!

Just had to share the news, as am not used to winning anything.  However, my entry below for the Stamps R Us Kids Birthday Card Challenge #4 made me a winner of the prize, courtesy of Laura.  

So, it is possible and will now spur me on to try entering more challenges.
See you there!?



Our Little Inspirations said...

Heartfelt congratulations!! Enjoy your prize :)

helloholley said...

I found your blog,YAY!!!! I'm now following you ;)
Your cards are beautiful and you are too!!!;)
Happy Stampin'

grandmalee said...

Congrats on winning this challenge! Your cards are fabulous, so I'm glad it paid off! I see you've been making more cards for OWH. I had to take a little break to make some cards for a fund raiser for my grandson's football league. The set of 12 cards I made raised $150 at the dinner. Those kids need all the help they can get to keep them off the streets and into something more constructive! I also did a craft show, but didn't have any takers there. Fortunately, several people at my granddaughter's birthday party ended up buying a bunch of my cards.

My computer crashed several weeks ago, so I've really been out-of-touch with everyone. I'm using a loaner computer until I can pay off the repair bill. I'm so glad they could save all of my pictures and digi stamps! I'm really bad about backing up these images, so now I really have to do a better job because next time I may not be so lucky!

My Chelsey is finally at home from the hospital, but she's still on total bedrest. She's 29 weeks pregnant now, and the baby is just a bit over 3 pounds. At least if he's born now, he'll have a much better chance. All of the prayers from my blogging and stamping friends have really helped both of us! She finally got her first horse delivered on Saturday after paying on it for a while. She wants to ride real bad now, but she'll have plenty of time after the baby's born. They are thinking of naming him Caleb due to all of the trials and tribulations he's already been through. After trying to get pregnant for over 5 years, they're just happy to be this far.

I haven't seen anymore of your gorgeous paintings. I really admire what you can do with the pastels. It's not an easy medium to work with according to some of my painting friends. I really love landscapes, and I try to create mine through stamping. I just sold two cards that's I used Stampscapes stamps on to make the scenes. It's hard to believe how forgiving this type of stamping is...if you make a mistake you can usually just stamp a tree or some other images on top of it.

I see that Sandy has had her share of troubles with her hot water tank. It doesn't matter if you have a brand new house, there always seems to be some type of maintenance that needs done. I haven't rented for well over 20+ years, so it's nice letting others pay the bills for once.

Well, I better sign off for now. I'll be checking in more often now to see what you're creating. I just love the eye you have for cards! Your color sense is definately an asset to your creations. Some people can never learn it no matter how hard they try.

Talk to you soon!

Operation Write Home said...

That's awesome that you won!! I hadn't kept up with who won all those challenges so I'm glad one was YOU! Hugs Mom!