Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Even though it is the day after, I feel it's only the beginning of celebrating the twelve days of Christmas to honor the birth of Jesus.

To me, it's sad to see the lights and decorations disappear so quickly after all the effort in preparing for this celebration.  It should go on until the Feast of the Magi who arrived to pay Him homage, and my lights will remain bright until then.  It's so depressing when taking down the tinsel and lights that warm the cold winter days, and being left with the bleak darkness of the coming winter weeks of hibernation.  I will have to keep myself occupied with my painting and cardmaking until the robins appear once more. 

I know it's been a while since I've added to this blog as it's been such a busy time with all the holidays arriving at the end of the year.  And, for me, it's such a chore to take photos or have something of interest to show on this blog.  But, perhaps now as I hibernate at home during these cold winter weeks, I'll find some time to visit with you.   So today I'll once again share with you some of my paintings of sunny landscapes to warm our winter hearts.

"Taos Mountainside" is a plein aire pastel painting made during a workshop in Taos, NM with Lorenzo Chavez, the noted western pastelist.  It brings fond memories of a beautiful October day on that mountainside.

 "Nature's Paintbox" is another pastel painting done from a photo of this beautiful desert sight in Bakersfield, CA and done as a gift to my sister, Lorraine, who lives in Pittsburgh, hometown.

"Cannes Sunset" was a pastel painting from a photo taken of this beautiful sight while on a Mediteranian cruise along the coast of Italy, Sicily, Spain and France, a most unforgettable trip.

Just seeing these paintings again makes me feel a bit warmer on this cold winter night with snowshowers outside.

I'll leave you now with these warm sights, until next time...and do come back!

Best wishes for the approaching new year.



grandmalee said...

Wonderful Christmas blessings to you! It's so great to see your bright & cheery paintings! They are so beautiful, and they bring back so many wonderful memories of my travels. You put so much attention to detail, and your colors are so true to life!

On another note, thanks for the kind note about my new grandson! He and Mommy are doing well. We are so blessed with this birth after all of the problems my daughter had. All of the many prayers that we received from all of my blogger friends have made this trying time go so much better. Now we can enjoy and spoil Caleb, and thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing he has given us!

grandmalee said...

Oooops! I forgot to wish you a VERY Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I'm sure you made it great by doing what you love!

Paula said...

Gorgeous paintings Dolores! I was going to try to pick a favorite, but I just can't decide. :) Like you my family leaves all our decorations out and shining brightly at least through the Epiphany and sometimes longer. They really do brighten the dark and cold New England winters. Happy New Year!

Operation Write Home said...

LOVE Natures Paintbox, wow....what it would be like to see that in real life! Beautiful work Mom!

kavitha said...

wow,all the paintings are really eye catchy:))

Nancy F. said...

Absolutely beautiful! The colors are really something else, it must have been magnificent to be able to be there in person. I am unable to pick a favorite.

Sherry H said...

Dolores, after receiving your lovely email today I came to visit your blog and scrolled down to your paintings. They are amazing. You are talented and skilled! I'd love to go on one of those workshops in the Southwest; if you ever plan to go again, let me know!!

Louise Fox said...

Dolores, The landscape near Bakersfield is only 4 or 5 miles from my home. You did such a beautiful rendition of this place and I recognized it immediately because it is so real life. You are a talented artist. Blessings.