Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year

I hope everyone's year is starting out well, and if you've made any new year resolutions, that you are still working on them.  It's hard to do for very long unless you are really committed.

I'm hoping to do better with blogging this year as I get more familiar with how it works...and to share current happenings here.   I've been trying to find out how to change the header and backgrounds, etc....but it's really frustrating
without someone to lead me through it and having to sit for hours figuring it out alone.  My old brain just isn't that swift anymore.... but I do try and eventually have some just takes longer!

My first piece of good news to tell you this year, is that it's begun with a sale of one of the miniature paintings I submitted to the juried miniature show at the Strathmore Gallery in Washington, DC in December.  It's a 2.5" x 3.5" pastel called "Colorfest" and similar to another one that I showed previously.
The year also starts out with two granddaughters' birthdays.....both on January 7th, but five years apart!    Can't believe that Sarah is now 19
years old, and a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Her sister
Julie, is now 14 years-of-age and in the eighth grade at Thurmont Middle School, MD.   I've been working on their birthday cards and want to show them to you below.  The first one is the card I made for my grown-up young lady, Sarah:
And... here's the card created for my teenager, Julie:
It's kind of tough to have a birthday so soon after the Christmas holidays, and to make it special for two sisters on the same day!  Today they are celebrating with their friends.... Sarah meeting up with her old high school friends.... and Julie's friends coming for a sleepover party.
Our family celebration for them will be at dinner tomorrow, and I'm baking the "funfetti" cake they requested!

That's a pretty good start for this new year, and I hope it continues.  I am planning to really paint more now, and to ensure that I do, will join an 8wk. pastel class at our local art center to get the mojo working.  It's always good to be with a group and benefit from the comraderie as well as the feedback, which really applies to anything one does.  Will try to keep you posted on my progress.

Till next time....thanks for visiting and do come back again.



Our Little Inspirations said...

Your cards are fantastic and so is that painting! Congrats on the sale of your painting! It's so colorful and oh so pretty!! Happy New Year!

grandmalee said...

I'm so happy that you posted another one of your paintings, and I can see why it sold! It's gorgeous!!!! I love how you are able to show such beautiful colors in the leaves, and your perception of light and dark are stunning! I really miss the fall colors out here in Colorado, and seeing these painting of yours have brought back tons of wonderful memories of my falls spent in Ohio.

Your cards are some more winners! I love how you were able to make such a stunning card for someone in their late teens. This is such a hard age to make cards for, and your paper and ribbon choices really made this one really stand out! I also love what you did with the image from Elizabeth Dulemba! I just adore her images and her books, and you definately did her proud! I think I may even recognize some of that gorgeous ribbon! ;o)

Thanks again for visiting my blog. WIth lots of practice & patience, I may try to attempt to get some of the gorgeous colors you're able to achieve in your paintings into my scenic stamping.

I'm still floating from Caleb's birth, and we can't thank God enough for keeping him safe during all of Chelsey's pregnancy complications! He has been an ideal baby so far...only cries when he needs fed or changed. He even sleeps in 3+ hours stretches at night already. I wish I had been that lucky with my girls!

I hope this new year gives you lots more time to create those amazing paintings and cards! I see you've been keeping Sandy busy with your cards, too. I'm sure the soldiers and their families will be pleased with all of the ones from you!

Happy New Year!!!