Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Paintings

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I really have been busy the past weeks attending a pastel painting studio at our local Art Center, and working on them at home as well.  Want to share just a couple of them here with you today for your comment:

This "Foggy Mountaintop" is a
pastel that I made from a photo and
sketch done while in Bar Harbor,
Maine.  It's 11x14 on Wallis paper.

And this pastel, an11x14 on Colorfix
paper,  is a  wooded scene done after a
hike along the CandO canal here in
Maryland.  Can't decide on a title, but
perhaps you can give me a suggestion.

I would really like to receive a serious critique of these, and don't hesitate to
say what your thoughts are or what might be changed to improve it.  Hope these photos are viewed clearly for you... maybe I need some better ones?

Thanks for your input..... and for stopping by to see me.   Now I have to get busy making a card for the OWH Memorial Day Bloghop.  Do plan to come back this weekend, starting on Saturday at 10am EST, and be inspired by all the creativeness being presented to honor our deployed military men and women.



Redonna said...

Your card-making is great but your painting is fabulous! You have some real talent there. Love the Foggy Mountaintop!

Lisa Oliver said...

Your paintings are beautiful. Painting is a gift that I have always admired. While pondering on a name I thought of Psalm 23 and being led "on the paths of righteousness."

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

Paula S. said...

I love the "Foggy Mountain Top". You can almost feel the fog just looking at it.

Anita said...

Your paintings are stunning! I love your card.

Sherry H said...

Dolores, there is so much atmosphere and feeling in both of these works, especially your pastel painting of a scene in Maine. That is not easy to achieve. You inspire me to keep painting and pick up my pastels again. Keep creating; you are so talented!

Ann said...

Dolores, They are just beautiful! I love Foggy Mountaintop. As someone else said... you can almost feel the fog. You are very talented!