Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We are in the midst of a scorching July summer here, and it's best to stay indoors to keep cool.    I've been keeping myself busy with painting, cardmaking, reading, etc.....anything that doesn't require much effort to stay cool.

Way back in October I posted a blog of some of my paintings, and in particular a work-in-progress of  Alaska--an oil on canvas.  It's been a frustrating piece that I've been picking away at all this time.  Well, being forced to stay in the cool house, I vowed to finish this painting, and happy to tell you that I did.  Here's the result:
It's still drying before I can frame it, but would appreciate any comments.   I feel it's finished and don't dare to touch it again. 

It's also been a good time to work on upcoming holiday cards for Operation Write Home, but all I can get in the mood for now are fall themes.
The "Grateful" card in front was actually done with a piece of an acrylic abstract painting I had set aside for more work, but decided instead to crop pieces of the rich fall colors as background for a couple cards.  Sure didn't need much embellishment, and I'm kinda happy with this.  May try it again

Thanks for stopping by..... hope you all are enjoying your summer.



Anonymous said...

i think your painting is beautiful...don't touch it again!! lol. I like your cards too.

Pat K.

grandmalee said...

What a wonderful piece! Definately leave it as's gorgeous! Your trees are always so fabulous on your paintings. I love the depth and textures you're able to achieve in any medium. Your colors never make me guess where your light source is from. I love the patch of flowers in the foreground. My ex brother-in-law lived in Alaska, so this really reminds me of some of the pictures he used to send me.

The flowing stream is another great realistic observance. When the water melts there, it really moves! Love your mountains! I wish I could achieve these colors in my scenic stamping. I'm always drawn to your awesome skies. The realism is beyond belief! The moisture coming off the mountains mixing with the air pressure is so apparent in this painting. The altostratus clouds at the top are so picturesque! Your colors are gorgeous!

You must be so fulfilled to be able to translate what your eye sees onto a blank canvas. I end up trashing more scenes than I want mainly because I end up muddying the skies. I guess that's a good reason to use oils, but even in your pastels, the skies are absolutely phenomenal!

Love both of your cards, but the Grateful one is stunning! The background is to die for! You definately made a great choice using this on the card. Wonderful use of the clean and simple technique. You definately know when to quit! Your elements blend so well together and never overpower each other. I bet the soldier's and their friends and families really appreciate any of the cards that you have sent!

Anonymous said...

I really like the "grateful" card...that looks like something I could do with alcohol ink...I am gonna give it a try...keep up the good work Ardeth (Glendale, AZ)