Monday, February 6, 2012


Where is the snow in MD?  .... other than a few "conversational snowflakes" (as our TV weatherman says) .... we've had just a couple dustings and  an unusually mild winter so far, although I know many of you in other parts of the country are not so fortunate. 
But.... I've missed seeing that white stuff, and to keep away the cabin fever, I got busy creating  a snow painting that I'll share with you before framing.
It's done in pastel from a photo of a nearby farm.  That lonely bare tree stood tall and proud in the dead of winter, so I cheered it up with a dusting of the white stuff.  Just don't know what to call it.... maybe "All Alone" might suffice? 

Also have been keeping busy with cardmaking, thinking of spring and Easter on the way.  Here's a clever funky fold card that I made after seeing the OWH tutorial for it... turned out pretty well after I finally figured out how to do the folds.

If you've checked my earlier posts here, I posted a photo of  my small solo show going on at the local art center now, and happy to say that I've made a sale of a miniature there, which always is encouraging. 

That's about all for now.   Thanks for stopping by.

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Tami B. said...

Would you believe I already have azaleas and gerbera daisies blooming!? That's unheard of. Where I live we don't have snow very often, but this year we didn't even have winter.
Your painting is beautiful. (I thought it was a photograph at first glance.) "All Alone" seems sad and I don't see this as a sad picture. I find it rather cheerful.
Congratulations on selling one of your pieces.