Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you haven't seen the great Tuesday Tutorial presented  January 17th on the  Operation  Write Home Stars and Stamps  site  entitled "Organizing Your Space", check out the ideas presented by Jen Muller from The Sparkle Within and the response photos from other crafters sharing their craftroom ideas. 
I am a bit jealous to say the least as I don't have a room dedicated for crafting, but have a small sunroom dedicated to my painting, which gets mighty messy.  So since cardmaking needs some clean space,  I use just a small corner of my dining/livingroom with a 6ft. narrow table that holds my tools and supplies for cardmaking, and fashioned a perfect workspace with a TV tray table:

As you can see, it holds a 12x12 Martha Stewart scorer, with a cutting mat on top of it, and the Martha Stewart papercutter fits perfectly next to the scorer.  The supply table is on the left, so I can sit at the tray table to work on a card, plus still have the diningroom table on the right to spread out papers or emboss with the cuttlebug.  It's more compact and handy for me this way, and easy to clean up when I'm finished. 

I wanted to share this with anyone who might be like me with limited space for cardmaking.  We all must organize the space we do have, so hope this helps someone out there.

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Jen said...

I always say we have to make the msot of what we have - and you have! I love the idea of the TV tray - so easy to set up and fold away for later. :)